The COMC is grateful for the musical gifts of former music directors.

Simon Irving 2014-2017

Andre Rakus 2013-2014

Jane Wamsley (Interim) 2012-2013

Janice Moro 2010-2012

Fred Numan 2007-2009

Gary Fisher 2005-2007

David Davis 2002-2005

Stephane Potvin 1999-2002

Lyn Harry 1977-1999 Conductor Emeritus (Founding Music Director)


The COMC would also like to thank the following talented musicians for lending their expertise to the choir in the past as Accompanist/Assistant Music Director or substitute Music Director.

Christine Chesebrough, 
Bob Morrow    Janice Beninger
Brent Fifield    Krista Rhodes
Chris Bee    Mair Wyn Jones
Fred Numan    Sally Harry
Ian Green   Stephane Potvin
Ivor James    Tom Bell
Janet Stachow